Day 5 we had a decision to make.  Because Terry and Julie arrived a day late due to a mud slide shutting down the highway between Durango and Silverton, we weren’t going to be able to do all of the trails we had hoped to do.  So we had to make a decision about which ones we did and which ones were left til next year or whenever we were able to return.  We decided to do Engineers Pass and Cinnamon Pass.  Since we had to make it back to the event for the last day and raffle this would give us the best chance to see more ground and make it back in time.  We were not disappointed.  Engineers was probably the roughest out of all of the trails up to this point.  But the peak and views it offered were unmatched.  Cinnamon Pass did the same.  After stopping for a short refueling in Lake City we were able to see Moose and Elk along the route back into Animas Forks.  An unforgettable day.