This will be a video/pictorial documentary of my explorations and will summarize and visualize my lifeX4.


2018 Ouachita NF Exploratory Trip

10-18 Fall Foliage Run Ouachita NF

2018 Natural State Overland Rendezvous in the Ozarks

2018 Cottonland Cruisers Southern Cruiser Crawl







Bolivar Peninsula Texas Beach Camping

Falling Water Road

Big Piney Family Weekend

9-18 South Fourche River with Bruiser

FJ Summit 2018

8-18 Ozarks Exploratory Trip (Illinois Bayou)

2-18 Big Piney Trip with Friends (Ozarks NF)




Kentucky Trip

Natural State Overlanding Spring Bonfire

Razorback Land Cruisers Razorback Ramble

4-18 Easter Weekend Camping and Wheeling

3-18 South Fourche River and Waterfall Chasing




2-18 Lindsey Motor Highway and Blue Hole Road – Ozarks NF

1-18 January Run with Natural State Overland to Ouchita NF

1-18 Trail Guardian Dedicated Trash Run – Ouachita NF FR 83

1-18 Ouachita NF 778, 211 and Flatside Pinnacle

Aplin to Long Hollow





Ozarks Brock Creek Lake, John Mt and Kincannon Mt

Car Wash Falls

Cove Creek Lake and Fourche River