So I have been into creating leather things, mainly wallets, for a couple years now.  I got started back in 2016 when I wanted a biker chain wallet that would hold my badge. I looked everywhere on the internet and searched for weeks.  I finally found a place that didn’t make them but said they would for the fair price of $400.  Are you kidding me?  So I spent about $150 and bought all the tools to make myself one, a little patch of leather and sat down in the office with a YouTube Video and proceeded to make my own.  It was crap.  The CC places were not big enough and didn’t hold anything. I couldn’t carve worth nothing.   But I still have this wallet.  I made myself another one and a buddy saw it and wanted me to sell it to him.  I did. I made another one.  Another buddy wanted that one so I made another and it has never stopped.  I’ve got some new and exciting things in the works as I do this 3rd job which used to be for fun. lol.  So I will share a few of my creations.