Posted by on October 11, 2018

After several outings with our current setup I decided that we needed to cut back on the amount of gear and do our best to try and save some space. While we were at the beach last week camping I took one of my Pelican Cases (1620 I believe) and tried to fit it in the back of the FJ beside the fridge and on top of the slide drawers. It would not fit the way I wanted it to, but it did fit “standing up” on its side. I decided to cut out our chuck box and make my own chuck box following one of the pics I had found on the internet out of this Pelican Case. I really love the way it turned out and we will be trying it out this coming weekend at the Southern Cruiser Crawl in Hot Springs AR

Just one 1/4″ plywood board and some sticky hangers, several screws and 1 little bungee cord did the trick.  It holds everything from my stove to utensils, dish towel, spices and everything I need for the kitchen.

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