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We like to plan a trip in the fall of each year.  This year we wanted to try something different.  Arkansas Terry and myself had discussed several options while we were in Colorado and we talked about beach camping in North Carolina.  Although it is 15 hours away from us it would be a nice change to get out on the beach and tent camp like we love to do.

But since it is during school and I have to take days off in order to go and travel and Terry and Julie have several kids in school that would have to miss days, I started looking around for somewhere closer.  I stumbled upon some information for Bolivar Peninsula in TX just east of Galveston.

Bolivar Peninsula Texas

It looked very promising and was about 8 hours closer to home.  This would give us more time to spend relaxing on the beach instead of driving in the car.  For $10 a year you get can get a beach pass and drive and camp anywhere on the 26 miles of beach.  This was also the first time we would be taking our 2 year old English Bulldog “Bruiser” on a long trip and we really didn’t know how that would go so closer was definitely better.

We decided to go down to the end of the Peninsula called “the Flats” past “Crystal Beach” because it was away from all of the houses and people (which is why we get away) and it was also wider to allow a better spot to pick out and get up away from the tide.

It was a great trip and we loved the area.  Down by the end of the flats is posted off because it is a bird sanctuary.  We camped right beside that and didn’t see much activity at all except a few fishermen throughout each day.  It is a perfect fall spot because it is still warm.  The wind blew pretty hard but all in all it was excellent weather for this time of year.


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