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Decided on a fridge and slide a few weeks back. Found a japanese knockoff of a Dometic for less than $400 50L. Decided to give it a try since it was about 1/2 price of the others. Looks really nice. Then ordered me a fridge slide for it. It’s a little long for it but it fits really nice.
Works really well and I’m very happy with it. Gonna be so nice not to have to worry about ice all the stinkin time. And with the solar charger and 2nd battery to power it I should have no worries
IMG_8101.JPG IMG_8121.JPG


After I installed my dual battery setup I wanted a way to monitor the charge of both batteries, especially since the majority of the charge for the 2nd battery would be coming from the solar panel. I wanted to make sure it was doing it’s job. So I purchased and installed the National Luna battery monitor. Easy, simple and exactly what I wanted.
IMG_8147.JPG IMG_8148.JPG
I love to represent!  So I went online and purchased a few flags (Blue Line American, Overland Bound and an Arkansas Flag) and then went and purchased a Flagpole to Go pole and stand.  They are amazing!  Every time now when I go out and camp or set up I can set these up in a few minutes and show the world who I am and what I represent!


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