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I have a good friend who bestowed this upon me about a month ago. I am not a fan of the large chain that overprices their coffee but then again I do love coffee and all of it seems to be good in one way or another so I was glad for this to be bestowed upon me!  I was given the whole bean so therefore it was much more fragrant and fresh that what comes already ground.  My grinder was a happy grinder for sure.

Starbucks describes this coffee in this way on their website

As the legend goes, back in 1971 the original owners of Starbucks crafted this blend for one of our customers – the captain of a fishing fleet who wanted to keep his crew happy in chilly sub-arctic seas.

His was no ordinary request. Our coffee had to stand up to frigid mornings and long days spent fishing in the icy waters where the Yukon River feeds into the Bering Sea. And so we created Yukon Blend: a hearty, bold, well-rounded coffee that laughs in the face of nature at its most rugged. No wonder it became one of our most popular coffees.

Now it’s better than ever as a 100% certified organic coffee. A balanced blend of Latin American and Sumatran beans, Organic Yukon Blend® is warm and smooth, revealing deep spicy notes for the adventurer in all of us – perfect with sweet flavors like cinnamon, raisins, oatmeal and chocolate.


At first taste I wasn’t sure this was going to be pleasing to my taste buds.  For those with a delicate coffee palate, you will find that the spices that they speak of jump out at you at certain temperatures.  It was kind of weird to me at first.  But as the coffee stayed in my Coffee Gator cup and cooled off to the perfect drinking temp it began to grow on me quite fast.  The bold taste came out.  I could taste the cinnammon and raisins.  The chocolate and oatmeal came out when it cooled off even more.

This actually is one of my favorites now.  It is worth buying again.  I am out since I have graciously filled my co-workers with this coffee and have impressed them for the past week brewing this in my 1970’s percolator.  It is emptied out first and the regular Folger’s is left to be thrown out at the end of the day.

Winning #BROrista!


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