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Serve According to Love and Talent

Man I love Coffee!  I drink it all day.  I’m riding that caffeine high most of the day and sometimes have some decaf in the evening before bed.  I don’t like Diet Coke, but I’ll drink it to keep from thirsting to death.  Coke Zero is my cold drink of choice.  But I don’t love it.  I don’t collect vintage Coke items when I visit the thrift stores.  I do coffee pots.  When I am at a Flea Market that is what I am searching for…old vintage coffee pots.  I want to find something that I can use and make that coffee taste like it did 80 years ago.  I love that.  When I see a Coke sign, I just pass on by without giving it a thought.  It’s not my thing.

I love serving.  I love doing things for others.

I am a workaholic.  I need something to do.  I like planning things and being responsible.  I have served in so many capacities in our club.  And serving is what we should do.  It should be in our blood to give of ourselves for the greater good. No matter what we should help in some capacity. We had so much fun and became close as a family.

Whatever you need me to do

When we all coming into the club, we want to do whatever we can to make it a better place.  We all want to do our part (or we all should) to do ANYTHING we can to show everyone around us that they did the right thing by voting us into this family.  We spout out ideas and suggestions.  Our brain works overtime in coming up with stuff to do, to sell, to attend, to whatever…we are in.  We are ALL IN.

We get assigned to certain positions or elected to certain positions where we can serve.  At first we are excited.  We do well.  After a while we may fall off.  Not everyone does, but some do.  We get distracted.  We become uninterested.  Why?  Because it is not where our heart is.  It is not what we LOVE to do. Yes we should help do whatever we are asked to do and do it to the best of our ability.  But I’m talking long term here.  Your goals and your dreams.

Our amazing God has blessed us with gifts and talents that not everyone has.  I may have the gift of leadership and speaking.  You may have the gift of wisdom and understanding.  Someone else may have the gift of ideas and selling.  These things come natural to us.  It is what we love.  But sometimes because of our great ideas and hard work in the beginning we get pushed, forced, elected or “voluntold” into a position that is really not where our heart is.

What is your love, your goals

What is your dream job in this club?  What do you love to do?  Are you a good Quartermaster?  Are you a good leader and hope to be Chapter Pres one day?  Do you work well with others and a great helper and sidekick and know you would be an awesome VP?  Are you a take charge kind of guy and not intimidated by anyone and know that Sergeant at Arms is your thing?  Are you organized like the Franklin Mint and know that Treasurer would be the way to show off your talents?  Those are just certain scenarios but you get the idea.

So think of this…IF you are in a role where your heart is not in it.  You’re not doing a great job and your mind is somewhere else, wanting to do something else, then your promotion or election to that other position may never come.  Promotions and appointments are made for those who are doing a great job. So if you’re just doing something to hold a title or be an officer or just help out and not doing a good job then nobody is going to be crazy enough to give you more responsibility or a higher position.  Those positions are for the men who exceed expectations and raise the bar.  You will never be seen as that guy if you are just ho hum in what you’re doing right now.  It would be better for you to be a regular member and help in the area where you want to go and turn down opportunities to serve in positions that are not right for you and let your Pres and officers know what your heart is, than for you to suck at some thing you hate.


Presidents and Officers

Presidents, know your people.  Take time to get to know your people.  The greatest supervisor I have ever had was my former Lieutenant who came to me and asked me one on one what my vision for myself was at the police department.  The reason he wanted to know, he said, was that he didn’t want me to spend the rest of my career on patrol wasting away like some have done.  He knew I had talents. He knew that I had goals for myself and he wanted to get to know me so that he could train me, send me to classes and do everything he could to make sure I was successful.

We need to do this!  We need to take time and get with our people one on one and get to know their heart.  Have a cigar and enjoy each other’s company.  But in that moment, ask your people what their goals are, what their heart screams for this club.  Ask them what their talents and gifts are and where they think they could be the best member they could be.  Ask them what they can do for this club to make it better.  Then help them achieve those goals.  Work with them and mentor them and mold them into the member that will make this club better than it ever has been, better than anyone ever dreamed it could be.

Don’t Just Serve

If anyone out there loves this club, you should have a heart of service.  You should all have a heart to do something for the greater good.  We all should be able to look past what WE want and do something for the club as a whole.  This takes a lot of love.  But don’t just serve.  Don’t just take anything that comes along.  Do what you feel like you would do best at.  Exercise your gifts in ways that will make others look at you and see without a doubt you are worthy of wearing that patch.  Don’t half-way do something and have to be talked to all the time by leadership.  It is better to just be a member, than to be serving in a position of leadership and not doing your best.

Being a regular member also means you are ALL IN.  it doesn’t mean that you love this club less than anyone else.  But you still have a job to do.  We must earn our patches daily.  Do something and serve in a way that will best show your talents and your love for this club.

Being a President also means you are ALL IN.  But your gifts may not be in leadership.  It is best for the club to step down and let a leader take over.  People will admire you more for doing that than to let the chapter fail.

If you are somewhere in between you are still ALL IN.  Do what you love.  Serve according to love and talent.  And this chapter, this club will reach heights that nobody thought was possible.

BROfessor Out


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