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I have hated my OEM roof rack since I got this rig. It was built for show and not for efficiency of use or whatever. Especially after purchasing my Oztent and really needing the space up top to carry it, I have been in the market for a new rack. Man are they pricey! Not really wanting to let go of $1k for some large piece of aluminum I talked to a buddy to see if he could help me out.

I removed the old rack and installed the mounting brackets that I ordered from Baja Rack. $265 was really worth it since if you don’t get these right your roof will leak. Plus so many angles etc for the welder to figure out if you do them yourself. I was more than willing to sacrifice that much. So I took the old off..
Poor little girl looks like she was scalped.

Installed the new brackets…
IMG_7038.JPG Worked perfectly with no problems. Except that both front bottom nut-washer thingy’s that the bolts go into fell down into the headliner. Had to remove headliner and reinstall. Wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. Thank you YOUTUBE!

Took it to my buddy at the local welding shop (who did my front bumper also) and he worked me up a complete 1 off custom rack that I love!
IMG_7571.JPG IMG_7573.JPG IMG_7574.JPG
If the wind noise is too much from the cutout then we will fill it in with aluminum diamond plate or something like that. I hope it isn’t too bad so I can put some LED’s on the inside and make it light up. lol.

But anyway it is exactly what I wanted. Flat in the back with a little lip from the 1-3/4″ large diameter outside…same as the original rack so I don’t have to go and rebuy all of the mounts for the awning and high lift etc…

I will have to redo my limb risers now to protect the snorkel etc. But all in all I am very happy and now I have a complete front to back rack that is usable and saved me about $800 from purchasing one online. Plus nobody else has one. To me that is pretty cool.


Had a little daylight left yesterday afternoon after work and my rat killing…love this time of year when we have lots of daylight…so I decided to move my limb risers to the top of my roof rack to protect my snorkel and also installed the Foxwing on the new roof rack. It is coming along!



After I picked up my roof rack, I wasn’t crazy about the space between the top of the vehicle and the rack. But I knew what I wanted to do…add more light. The wife and I love to do night rides and I had done some research on the lighting. The light bar I have now is direction light which means it points in a specific direction. It is great for pointing down the road. I wanted a bar with area lighting to light up the area around, just to give us a better view at night. So I found a cheap 42″ bar and some clamps that mount around the roof rack. I love the setup and how it looks.



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