Posted by on September 13, 2018


OrangeBoxx Fabrication Rear PSD and lower door PSD came in yesterday. Took today to install it. Design is amazing and more than I ever dreamed of. Easier to install than what I thought it would be. So functional and so amazing. I love it.
IMG_7817.JPG IMG_7828.JPG

With the purchase of my OrangeBoxx PSD and lower molle rack I needed some molle packs. A good friend of mine from Arkansas that I met through Overland Bound, @Jube, who is one of the best men I have come to know, said he had some packs that he wasn’t using that he would give me. Man did he?! Enough to fill up my whole PSD system. I’ve got tons of room now that was just wasted space and now I have room for all of the small stuff that I ever thought I could carry.


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