Posted by on September 12, 2018

So the Dreamgirl and I decided to take a day and adventure up into the Ozarks NF.  Early in 2018 we really hadn’t been out much to the Ozarks as it is much further for us to travel than the Ouachitas.  But the Jeep guys around the state are saying all the time that the Ozarks offer much better trail riding.  So we decided to head west and north, really northwest, and see what trouble we could get into.  We stopped at Brock Creek Lake and cooked up a batch of boudain for lunch, found a waterfall underneath a road and then traveled down a scenic drive over Kincannon Mountain.  This was a great trip and we came back with some good stories.

One of my favorite stories to tell from all of our adventures in that when I heard the waterfall and wanted to get out and explore, the DreamGirl was so afraid that a bear might be there (she believes that all bears were created to eat her), she decided to stay in the vehicle with a weapon…windows up and everything locked up like Fort Knox.  It was funny.  Great times!



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