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While at a flea market in the central AR area, I spotted this coffee maker.  I had never seen one of these before.  It wasn’t a percolator.  It wasn’t a drip-o-lator.  It wasn’t a true Cowboy Coffee Maker.  It has a third piece that kind of separates it from all of the others.  I sent pics of it to other coffee brothers that I know and none of them had ever seen one either.

This is the Miracle Maid Coffee Maker from the 1950’s. There is not much information on this coffee maker on the internet except that there are a few still hanging around out there for sale.  There are no instructions that I have been able to find so I just had to figure this one out for myself.

First Impressions

My first impressions with this coffee maker was at how well built it is.  It is very heavy compared to the other old vintage aluminum coffee makers that I have seen and own.  The handle is plastic and not wood.  The top is very heavy with a heavy duty plastic knob.  And much thought has went into the design of this coffee maker.


The outer part of this coffee maker is very well made and heavy duty.  Thick walled.  At the top above the handle is a small clip. This must be attached for this coffee pot to function properly.

It also has a thinner inner portion that has holes in the bottom of it.  It is full size and fills the outer portion completely when inserted.  On the inside the top of this portion is a small handle that is used to insert and remove it.

Making the coffee

It took me a few times to figure this pot out.  But this is how it works best for me.

  • The coffee pot has markings for the desired water amount.  Since this coffee is steeped inside for several minutes, I would not make less than 6 cups at a time.  Fill your pot to the 6 cup mark and put on the stove with the burner on Med-High.
  • Take your coffee (french press grounds work best) and add 3-4 heaping spoon fulls into the insert depending on what strength you like and the boldness of your coffee.
  • Insert the Insert into the pot and stir the coffee with a knife or spoon into the water.
  • Just before the water reaches boiling temperature, turn the burner down to Med or med-low and let the coffee steep for 6-8 minutes.  (Very Important – you must watch the water temperature.  Since this coffee pot does not have a lid to completely separate the grounds from the water (like the percolators do), you cannot let your coffee reach the boiling point or it will boil over the side of the insert and make a huge mess).
  • When the coffee is done, take the coffee off of the burner.  Remove the coffee pot lid.  Take the handle on the inside of the insert (very hot) and lift the insert.  There is a notch on the insert that will fit into the clip on the outside pot and will stay there.  It will look like this.
  • Let the coffee drain from the insert into the coffee pot. Discard the insert into the sink when it is complete and enjoy.

If you have done it incorrectly and you let your water boil, it will look like this and be a mess.

But if you have done it correctly, all of the coffee will remain inside the insert and it will be amazing.  The great thing about this coffee maker is that you get the richness of the cowboy coffee without having to try and separate the grounds from the water.  You also get a combination of a cowboy coffee maker and a drip-o-lator as they are both combined into this wonderful setup.


I really enjoy this setup and use it often on the weekends and camping trips when I have more time to make a wonderful cup of coffee.  Pick you one up on Ebay or at Flea Markets around the world and enjoy today.


BROfessor Out



  1. RED Heart RED Heart MY Babydoll
    September 10, 2018

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    This was an awesome find for you babe! Glad you enjoy ALL you coffee pots 💜💜

  2. Porker
    September 10, 2018

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    That definitely has some years on it. I’d like to hear the stories it could tell

    • thebrofessor
      September 10, 2018

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      I guarantee you bro. 70 years of coffee making. I can imagine the houses it has been in and the morning conversations overheard.

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