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4-10-18 – Keeper Gun Mount

I know the FJ’s have the secret compartment on the dash and it holds my Glock 26 perfectly but I was wanting something a little more easily accessible. In some situations time is everything and being a police officer, officer safety is the first thing they teach. So I did some research and found this handy little gadget called the Keeper Gun Magnet.

I was skeptical at first. A magnet holding a gun while going over rough terrain that will sometimes shake the fillings in my teeth loose? Probly will spend most of my time picking the gun up off the floorboard. Well for the price of around $23 I really didn’t think I would be out that much to try it so I did. Mounted it in the Little Girl just beside my right knee on the console.

IMG_6693.JPG IMG_6694.JPG IMG_6696.JPG IMG_6697.JPG
gun mounts perfectly to it and holds very well no matter how rough the roads are.

Comes off with just a pull and works better than I imagined. So if you decide you want to come up to my vehicle and rob me…I’ve got a little .38 cal surprise for you. lol.


4-18-18 – Rotopax water spout and container mounted to rear rack

I was wanting a better place to store water. We carry several Nalgene bottles and other containers full of water but I looked at the Rotopax water containers and thought that would work really well. Always needing something to hold stuff OUTSIDE the FJ because there is so little room inside to carry things. So after I purchased a Rotopax mount for my Garvin rack that goes over my spare tire, I picked up a Rotopax water container and the Rotopax mount. Then I found this spout on the internet where you could mount your Rotopax upside down and then attach the spout for instant water at any moment without ever having to take the Rotopax off of the vehicle. Genius!
71r5zSEYzvL._SL1500_.jpg 71ZZsNQKAVL._SL1500_.jpg
So I found a good deal on the web, cheaper than Amazon actually and gave it a shot.
works very well. Used it quite a bit the last time we went out.
IMG_6706.JPG IMG_6707.JPG IMG_6708.JPG
I hope to beef up the mounting for my Garvin rack so that I am able to hold 2 Rotopax on each side to hold water on one side and gas on the other. Perfect for what I do.

4-24-18 – Volant Snorkel and Cold Air Intake

Volant Cold Air Intake and Snorkel installed! Had a rough time with the seller on this. He stated that what he was selling on Ebay came with the cold air intake. When I received it of course it didn’t. Then I had to haggle with him and get a partial refund while I ordered the cold air intake from another source. THEN to go with all of that. When I looked through the box that contained the snorkel that I received from the unnamed seller, it did not include any instructions, layouts for holes to be drilled or even the little rubber hose that connected the snorkel to the intake. So I contacted Volant. And let me tell you their customer service was AMAZING! I told them my problem and did my best to explain to them the parts I was missing. The guy there emailed me a parts list and told me to list all of the numbers I didn’t receive. I did this and within a couple hours he told me all of my parts were in the mail. Awesome customer service.

So when all of that came in a buddy and I went to work pulling and replacing parts for the intake.
IMG_6859.JPG IMG_6866.JPG
And then cut and drilled holes for the snorkel. It was a chore and I was nervous but it is done and man does it look amazing. I love how it hugs the contours of the lines of the FJ. It is a great addition to the vehicle.
IMG_6863.JPG IMG_6847.JPG IMG_6848.JPG IMG_6862.JPG
IMG_6858.JPG IMG_6850.JPG All of the parts for this snorkel are top notch. So glad I went with a name brand company and didn’t cut back by getting an Ebay Snorkel like I wanted to. Even though it was pricey, the outcome and performance will be worth it. I can tell a difference already in the power and performance that come with this. I have had to modify my light bar mount since it goes up the front pillars of the FJ but it will work just fine. That will be soon, hopefully next week as my project to complete.


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