Posted by on August 31, 2018

Up above Jerusalem, AR in the Ozarks National Forest in AR is a very popular area for off-road enthusiasts.  The area around Brock Creek Lake is always filled with the sounds of 4X4’s, side-by-sides or motorcycles tearing through the beautiful wilderness.  This was one of the first times that we took the Little Girl out and did some filming of her going off-road.  We weren’t too experienced and didn’t take a lot of chances, but she did a great job and we got her broke in really well.

We found a great waterfall down one of the trails.  The Dreamgirl stayed in the vehicle with a weapon because she thinks that all bears were created to eat her and she was sure there was one in the cave below where the waterfall was.  I was able to collect some great pics of the waterfall.  It was beautiful.


Wife shot a video from inside the vehicle

Waterfall that we found while exploring


  1. Connie
    August 31, 2018

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    This was a fun day! I am a lot better now while on trail rides 🙂 We have came along way in one year for sure!!! Thank you for always being safe!!!

    • thebrofessor
      August 31, 2018

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      I always make sure you are safe. lol

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