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A few weeks ago I watched a video on doing a Scuba Mod on the FJ. Several guys told me I needed to get the Scuba Mod done before springs and when all the rains hit here in Arkansas. So I watched the video.

One thing that really ticked me off about this video is that they state “go search on the internet and you will easily find the parts you need for this mod”… NOPE. I searched and searched and searched and found people who had done the mod and said how easy it was blah blah blah and nobody EVER listed the parts. Except for one guy who created some fancy something that was about $250.

So after watching the video about 26 times I was able to come up with a parts list.

All you need is some 3/8″ hose ( I got plenty so I could do the front also in time)
Hose Clamps – the squeeze kind would have worked better
The Toyota Part from the Camry
and nobody had 1 – 3/8×3/8×1/4 tee so I had to spend about $6 at AutoZone for a ton of them I will never use.
I bought the Spectre filter also they recommended, but if you reroute this to your gas tank fill area you can’t use it because it is too big. Save it for the front.
Black Zip Ties

It took me about 2-1/2 weeks to get started on this project because as soon as I got all the parts it started raining and didn’t stop until yesterday. I don’t have a shop and I’m not laying in the water so I didn’t mind waiting. Once it stopped I went out to the driveway and about 30 minutes later I was done. Even took a little time to clean up some of the wiring from the rear lights on my Smittibilt bumper that had come loose from the trails and also clean out some leaves and trash from around my rear wheels. Can’t ever have enough zip ties.

Whoala! Rear Scuba mod is complete. From what I hear the front is a nightmare to get to and you have to do it all by feel. Don’t really see a need in doing that until I get the snorkel. I won’t be going in water that deep until then anyway and the front axle breather is much higher.

Until then…ride SAFE! Keep our Trails CLEAN! Get involved in the TrailGuardian program!

BROfessor Out!


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