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Ordered a Trasharoo and installed it on the spare tire. Love it. It is exactly what I wanted. Enough to hold a little trash that I can pick up when I’m out on the Forest Roads or Trails. I always try to pick up at least 10 things every time I go out so that I leave it better than I found it. I also went to Wal-Mart and bought a can of Scotch-Guard and sprayed the whole can on it to make sure it was as weatherproof as possible and lasted as long as possible.…ategy=PWVUB&visitor_id=SLaNTJoQ629bKXATHCi_ZI

$5 well spent


Everyone knows with the limited space of the FJ Cruiser, you need more external room. I recently purchased and installed this amazing rack from Garvin Industries. Looks awesome and will hold quite a bit of stuff in a not so ordinary place. Look very forward to being able to utilize this area.

Great quality from a great company. Thank you Garvin for still making products for the FJ Cruiser!

Ride Safe! BROfessor Out!


Received my Rough Country 3″ lift in. I was so excited. When I installed my Smittybilt bumper and winch on the front, it pretty much sat my front end down on the bumpstops. I looked like a Funny Car about to head down the drag strips. Headlights and Offroad lights projected about 10 feet in front of the vehicle. So I had to do something. I found a great deal on a great product. It has good reviews and a good price so I went for it.

I have a good friend who is my motorcycle mechanic. You can only fit a motorcycle in his shop so we took everything apart in the yard and put it all back together. Looks so much better now! Have much better clearance and now I can put bigger rubber on. Pretty excited about the overall look!

Until the wife makes me stop spending money…let the packages keep coming!

BROfessor Out!


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