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In the Spring of 2018 I was able to take a trip to Rio de Janeiro to visit some friends and brothers in my motorcycle club.  I really looked forward to returning there as I had visited there around  10-12 years ago and fell in love with the coffee.  In Brazil, they have coffee everywhere…in all of the convenient stores, everywhere there is a restaurant there is complementary coffee after a meal and in grocery stores throughout the country.  In many places it is complementary served usually in very small paper cups much like what you would fill your ketchup into at a McDonald’s.  In convenient stores and cafe shops it is served in tiny porcelain or glass cups about the size of a normal shot glass.  While there I would drink 4-5 of these and they would look at me like I was a nutcase.  And boy did I ever have the energy of an 8 year old!

Anyway, while I was there I tried many different coffees, but this one particular restaurant in Buzios, had amazing coffee.  I had one of my brothers go in and ask the manager what kind of coffee it was and they stated it was Melitta Tradicional.  I typed it into my phone and stated to my brother I had to have some of this before I headed back to the states.

If you were to look into this company on their website, you would find a very good history of who they are and what they do.  They offer many different varieties and flavors for everyone who likes a cup of coffee.  This particular one is their bread and Butter.  Amazon describes it … “The Melitta Traditional Coffee is made with a combination of grains with medium dark roasting degree, resulting in a bold coffee flavor, distinctive and more intense aroma. Melitta Coffee is the ideal for every moment.”  And they couldn’t be more correct in their statement.

This is a finely ground coffee that is vacuum packed into this box and it is a LOT for what you pay for.  It is perfectly balanced, never bitter and is amazingly roasted.  You will find that this coffee has great flavor and it will keep you coming back again and again to it making it your daily choice.  For those like myself who do not add anything to their coffee you will taste the rich, bold flavor that sets it apart from other traditional flavors and will be able to sense the love that this company puts into every bag.

For those who need an extra boost in the mornings to get yourself going, try the Extra Strong version.  Taste the same…different result. lol.


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