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Several years ago, after promising my wife over and over, we took a trip to the beach.  It wasn’t hard in deciding where to go after a little research on the trusty internet (everything you read on the internet is true by the way).  Dauphin Island in Alabama was our choice.  I had been there before and had a great time staying in one of the houses right on the water.  It was perfect.  As my hatred of sand combined with my children’s love for ocean and sand would coincide in that I could sit on the back deck of the house and watch them while not ever having to step foot on it.

Fast forward to my life now and love for tent camping and traveling in a different way.  Where now “all-inclusive” means I won’t have to eat out, take any trips to Wal-Mart and that our sight-seeing will take place from “base camp” and tons of money will be saved while I kick my feet up and relax.  “Wherever I am, that’s where I’ll be” is now my attitude.  The enjoyment of life and “taking it all in” has blossomed into a very relaxing lifestyle and has overtaken the pressure of having to working tons of overtime to be able to do this and that.

So back to the beach thing.  To encompass my desire to go where there is little to no people, and enjoy my time in my own setup without having to pay outrageous hotel or “VRBO” fees, we have been looking into finding a beach (for my wife who loves water and sand) where we can set up our rig right next to the water and enjoy countless days of fishing, relaxing, home cooking and the smells of toasted flesh.  After a little “googling” on the www I came up with a few links that showed me different places where we could go.  Options…I like options.

Several are appealing to me on another list, but most are so far away it will require multiple vacation days in order just to drive there and home.  Cape Lookout, NC is probably tops on my list.

The Hawaii one is out til they build a bridge.  But the one that sticks out to me right now that is close, appealing and has camping right on the beach/water is Bolivar Peninsula/Chrystal Beach in Texas.

We have now planned to go there in October and pics will follow soon after that.  My wife hopes to have many more beach adventures in the future so the investigation will continue I am for certain.

Do you have experiences or recommendations?  I would love to hear from real people rather than reading about it randomly on the www.

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